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Over the past year, both Sonika and I have become pregnant, birthed baby boys, and survived the first newborn weeks.  Now her son is more than three months old, and mine is 7 weeks old.  During this time (the entire year), reading has been a challenge of varying proportions either due to morning sickness, fatigue, inability to concentrate, or having hands full of tiny humans.  However being the voracious readers we are (and stellar parents), we have discovered it is possible to read while breastfeeding- especially with the help of a Kindle (this is only Sonika) or tricky maneuvering of paperbacks.

I am thrilled that I have finally finished several post-birth books, and wanted to bring back the blog to make time for myself to write, motivate myself to make time to both read and finish books, and remind myself I know monosyllabic words.  I can’t promise length or coherency, but I’m sure that wasn’t what anyone was looking for from either of us anyway.  And based on what I know about sleep deprivation from college and these past weeks, blunt statements have a habit of turning out to be more humorous than I had intended.  Enjoy.


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June 22, 2011 at 2:56 am

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