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Somehow I missed Matilda during my childhood- maybe because I’d already skipped ahead to bigger books, or maybe because I was obsessed with The Wind in the Willows.  My interest was actually sparked when I read an interview with Michelle Williams, whom I admire beyond belief, who said that she and Heath Ledger named their daughter after this character.   As Michelle Williams is known for being a big fan of children’s lit, I thought this was significant praise.  And that’s how I came to pick up the book.

Matilda is a charming character- smart beyond her years, but still liked by all the kids in her class, which is quite a feat, and the book itself is charming.  The pranks she plays to get attention from her neglectful parents aren’t cruel, which is actually a really nice change from all of the kids movies out there in which someone gets hit with a brick.  The English undertones were fun for me but not so much so they’d be confusing for a child, and hey, every child wants to briefly have magical powers, so that’s a win too.

Roald Dahl is a fascinating person, and his light tone is impressive given the various tragedies in his life.  Matilda’s definitely a winner, and I can see why someone would name their child after this character.


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January 31, 2010 at 5:22 pm

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