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My French Life

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I received My French Life as a birthday present from Sonika’s mom when I was in New England over Labor Day, and what a gift it is.  How I love this book, and needed it without even realizing it.  It was perfect to curl up with on a fall night and sink into the gorgeous photographs by Carla Coulson.

As for the text by Archer, it was not quite what I expected, as the author was a bit too much a part of the story.  Rather than allowing the reader to see France through her eyes, Archer spends a lot of time telling rather than showing, which becomes a bit distracting.  I get the feeling she wanted to do something a bit Under the Tuscan Sun, but without the length, and instead it comes across as a bit Carrie Bradshaw without the charm.

The photographs are the true star of this book, and so, so worth it.  I’ll use this book for a coffee table book for years in the future, and reach for it whenever I need to be reminded of the beauty of France- and maybe with the help of Carla Coulson, I’ll persuade my husband that it’s worth the trip.

Many, many thanks to Sonika’s dear mama for this book.


Written by questionsandanchors

October 19, 2009 at 1:02 am

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