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Won’t let this blog die! Nooooo! Poor neglected blog, dying of a wasting disease over here. I’ll do my best to revive it a bit. Because I have been reading here and there. I took a kind of reading-vacation for a while, and now I’m back in. I’d liken it to those fancy meals where they give you sorbet as a palate cleanser between courses. I played a lot of iPhone games as sorbet, and now I’m back on the book train.

Before my break, I had read, but neglected to write about two books in the Temperance Brennan/Bones series by author Kathy Reichs: Bones to Ashes and Devil Bones. I liked them enough that I’m going to hunt down the others in the series and start from the beginning. I really like how Reichs fills in the science background in a rather plausible way with conversations between various experts. It does feel a bit like clunky plot exposition at times; akin to Hurley on Lost when his lines all seem to be “I’m going to run down what happened in the last five episodes!”  Still, it’s well done for novels which are very detailed in a field that not too many of us have a lot of experience with. I’ve never actually watched Bones, but after reading these books, I might give it a try.

And I’m still slogging through Infinite Jest! For so much of Infinite Summer, I was ahead of the page goal for the week and now, the project has ended and I’m still in Viewing Room #6 with Hal. I almost don’t want the book to end, even more so now that I know what’s lying around the bend. What am I going to do? Start again at the beginning like some kind of depressive’s Bible? I can think of worse fates. I can only read IJ in small increments – I have a 20-40 minute window of time between shower and sleep that is dedicated to lying in bed with my cat, David Foster Wallace, and the OED on my iPhone. (Yes, I broke down and paid to have the OED on my phone. Hal would be proud.) It’s certainly not anything I can read at work, even during rest time, it’s too engrossing to put it down and it requires too much mental energy to be able to also focus on whether or not my charges are still alive.

[EDIT: I’m glad that people aren’t just reading IJ as an Infinite Summer fad! Just today a MeFite asked about how to prepare to tackle the tome!]

So far, they are. Still alive. And I’m still reading after taking a bit of a break. I think that sometimes I go into reading overdose and playing iDig It on my iPhone for hours is the only way to rest those precious brain cells.


Written by Sonja

September 25, 2009 at 7:07 pm

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