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To the Lighthouse: A Perfect Summer Novel.  Also, Virginia Woolf’s lighthouse beach for sale.

Books for sale by the foot in case you need them to decorate.  While they’re for good prices, I have to wonder if the person who has these shelves and no books would just donate their shelves to ME.

– Love me some Nancy Drew when I was growing up, though not as much as Trixie Belden.  Also love houses now.  I win!  Twice! [Ten bucks says Sonika HATED Nancy Drew.  But she’s always been much cooler than me, even as a child.]

In case you miss reading a chapter every night with your parents.

– Ernest Hemingway- still creating controversy, though not quite the fun kind.

Frank McCourt dies and is remembered as a beloved teacher.

John Banville on mortality:

Sleeper bestsellers brought to you by… Target?

– Blog recommendations: Awful Library Books (library books past their prime) and Forgotten Bookmarks (self-explanatory).  Both via MeFi.

– Excitement for Where the Wild Things Are (the movie version) builds: here, here, and here.

Lifehacker in Books.

Millenials rock the nostalgia.  As I’m half a Millenial when I take the quiz (early 80s babies straddle generations oddly), I can only halfway relate.

– The long list for the 2009 Booker Prize is revealed.


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  1. I liked Nancy Drew just fine. But then, it was words on a page. I didn’t start being fussy about books until I was like, fourteen.


    August 19, 2009 at 1:37 pm

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