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I solemnly swear never to do this again. I’ve been way too busy moving & finishing my job to update about the six thousand books I’ve read in the meantime. I don’t have internerds in my home, so when I do get to the library or Borders or whatever, I’ve been devoting my time to catching up on the activities of my internerd-friends or celebrity babies or reading *about* books… less time writing about them. 

Quick and dirty list of books I’ve read recently and brief thoughts. 

Rooftops of Tehran by Mahbod Seraji: Randomly found this at Borders after reading about the Iranian revolution in progress. Set during the previous revolution of ’79, this book provides an amazing barebones background of modern Iran without being all “Here, Westerners. This is what you need to know.” It’s written in English by an Iranian emigrant, so it’s both first-hand and written *for* a Western audience. Highly recommended.

Crap. I can’t remember *which* other books I’ve read. Seriously, I have packed my mind in a box that did not make it into my home. I guess I’ll just have to make an update dump when I return from Portugal. Rest assured that I have read books, in addition to taking on the Infinite Summer project. I am sad that I have to sacrifice Infinite Jest for my travel pillow in the carry-on. Let me say that this was not an easy decision to make. I do have books, but not THE PRECIOUS. Man, am I ever loving the living daylights of this the second time through. Much better than the first, I must say. This book requires two goes, which is a serious commitment for something that is so large that it honestly can not be safely secured under the seat in front of me.


Written by Sonja

June 30, 2009 at 3:32 pm

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