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Cleaning Out the Google Reader

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– As someone who loves typography, design of all kinds, and books, I thought this post was really interesting about which authors might be being done a disservice by their book covers.  As a side note, blogs I read on cover design include: Book By Its Cover; David Drummond: Covers; I Love Typography; and The Book Design Review.

The Dewey Decimal System might be on its way out.

– What kind of a book customer are you?  This reminds me of when I worked at the library.

– The continued endurance of The Catcher and the Rye.

– The Holocaust Museum has an awesome list compiled of books relating to World War II, and it’s divided up by more specific topics.  A great resource for readers of all kinds.

Biblio helps to find rare or out of print books.  Alibris is another good site I’ve used.

The connection between the NYT and the dictionary. (via MeFi)

Interesting list of prizewinners and how close (in theory) they could be to being a part of the canon.  Still don’t like Atonement. On the other hand, highly recommend Gilead.  So points aren’t everything.  It was also interesting to me that several of these books are on my nightstand waiting to be read.

– A site found by my book blogger better half, and a project that excites us both.  Oh, books on death.

Writers writing the news.  An interesting thought- maybe one that would have kept me in journalism!  Linking to MeFi because it has additional links to stories.

One of my favorite blogs, with a story in progress.


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