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– Alice Munro wins the Man Book International Prize for her body of work.

Possible titles if every book were about food.

– The London Review of Books now has a blog (via MeFi).

– Murakami fans, myself included, are thrilled but may need to be lifting weights.

The Foob waxes philosophical along with E.M. Forster, and asks a question that begs some thought.

Break ups with the Millions.

To read or reread? That is the question, and it can be a telling one.

John McClain lives on.

– Neil Gaiman does not think writers are personal bitches.  If only he’d now tackle the entitlement issues of the average Starbucks customers.

– Wanted: a portrait of The Dude to sit atop my bookshelf (photo and idea via The Paper Pony, prints from Etsy)



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