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The Templar Legacy.

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75024Continuing on my trend of reading “fluff” thrillers while the tot naps, I picked up The Templar Legacy from the library on one of my excursions with Schmoopette. I’ve read a number of Steve Berry’s books and really like his style and his characters, even if the conclusions of his books often leave me with a feeling of “Huh.”  I wasn’t looking for anything more than a quick book involving everyone’s favorite kooks, the Knights Templar, and that’s what I got. 

(One of these days, I should actually read a real history of the Templars. Those guys are fascinatingly nuts.)

The central element of this book is the “secret” reputed to be guarded by the Templars, which in this case is definitive proof of the *mortality* (rather than the reported immortality) of Christ. The plot is charged with theological questions – most of which actually quite astute, including a very illuminating discussion of flaws and discrepancies between the four Gospels presented in the traditional New Testament – on what it would mean for Christianity if Christ did not actually rise from the dead, and what it would do the Christian world if proof of his mortality were to go public. 

Much like The Third Secret, which dealt with Christian theology via Papal secrets and “visions” of the Virgin Mary, the book deals with possible earth-shattering discoveries. And then… 

Not to spoil this for any potential readers, but since the book has sold fairly well in the US, you can imagine that it’s not going to end with a serious critique of Christianity as being bogus. Berry rather inevitably pussies out and ends with a very “Huh” note wherein the secrets of the world go on to live another day. There are actually quite a lot of plot strands left unconnected, unlike the works of Julia Navarro who ends without a revelation in both of her works, but still manages to wrap up the plot beautifully.  This book especially left me with a lot of questions about why the author bothered to even include some elements in the first place if he wasn’t going to follow through.

Still, it entertained me while the wee Schmoop took her nap and that’s all I needed it to do.


Written by Sonja

May 8, 2009 at 5:28 pm

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