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The Shack.

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I finished reading The Shack a week ago, and have been slacking on posting this review.  My mom loaned it to me, as someone had loaned it to her, and coincidentally my godmother had also been talking about wanting to read it.  Both of these events happened in the same weekend; before that I had not heard of the book at all.

On the whole, I found it highly readable and less abstract than some other books of a similar nature, such as the Conversations with God books.   The Shack is written very much as a story of someone’s interaction with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and so any questions and answers are put in the form of dialogue.  This works on two levels: it makes the story more accessible to the reader, and it makes the idea of talking to God more accessible to the reader.  Anyone who wants to be challenged to expand their viewpoints without reading a philosophy book straight-up will appreciate this approach.

This is a difficult genre of book to review, though, as you’re not really reviewing the writing style nearly as much as the content- and what everyone takes away from the content will be different, and largely, self-driven.

On the whole, I would say I liked the book, definitely got some new ideas from it, and would recommend it to someone looking for a book regarding God in people’s lives today.  It won’t answer every question, or be the end-all-be-all book on the subject, and nor should it; after all, the only sure answer is death and until then, we know we’re alive by continuing to ask questions about what this life means and what may follow.

Of course, if this isn’t your cup of tea, you can always find some answers by reading Kurt Vonnegut instead.  


Written by questionsandanchors

April 28, 2009 at 2:21 pm

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