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T is for Trespass.

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t_is_for_trespass1If I wanted to defend my reading of this book, I would note that I read it on a plane to Las Vegas, but that wouldn’t be entirely honest.  The truth is I bought T is for Trespass long before I hit the airport, as I kind of like the Sue Grafton alphabet mysteries (with the exception of “L”, which I didn’t even finish). Still, I’m a little bit at a loss to explain why.

The series is hit or miss as to how good the books are, and we’re getting toward the end of the alphabet, so the plots aren’t as vibrant as they once were.   And I’m not going to lie; at this point in time I’m a bit tired of some things continually being explained to me, such as Kinsey’s preference to sleep in the nude, or what a great baker next-door neighbor Henry is.

Maybe it’s just the continuity I like.  This is a series I’ve been reading since high school, and the books are reliable, in the same way that “Everybody Loves Raymond” reruns are dependable even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the show.

T is for Trespass has a reasonably interesting- though predictable- storyline going with the creepy nurse who moves in with Kinsey’s next door neighbor (Gus, not Henry), and then raises the P.I.’s suspicions. But the actual cases Kinsey is working on don’t tie into the first storyline at all, or serve much purpose other than to give Kinsey something to do when she’s not peering out the windows.  This meant that my interest really varied- so it was a good thing I was on a flight where I needed something to do instead of whoop about all of the money I was going to lose like the rest of the passengers.

Additionally, several of the chapters were told in third person following the nurse, and while I appreciate the “in the eyes of the villan” device, it’s helpful if the villan is a little more Hannibal Lector and a little less the Riddler.  Sometimes creepiness doesn’t have any depth, and there’s just not that much the audience needs to know.

On the other hand, I definitely got my violence quota (which isn’t as high as a lot of people’s), as this book had a bloody, terrifying climax which left me wincing, and with a vision of Villan #2 I can’t quite get out of my head five days later.

In terms of a letter grade, I’d give this book a B-.  T is for Trespass definitely isn’t the weakest link in the chain, but it’s not going to inspire any earth-shattering thoughts.  However, it’ll work if you need a break from a lot of dense reading.  Or if you’ve managed to book a flight the same weekend as Spring Break.


Written by questionsandanchors

March 18, 2009 at 4:18 am

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