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Born in Ice.

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borniniceDude, I so wasn’t going to do this.  I wasn’t going to admit to the Internet at large that I read Nora Roberts books on a regular basis.  But then, Sonika let me know that I needed to post them to cover for all the drivel she reads.  And I thought to myself, “Self, what drivel does Sonika read? The Bourne series? Books where no groin is safe?”

And then I realized Nora Roberts and The Bourne series are not so different.

Say what you want about Nora Roberts, but if you pick well, you can end up with a very readable book on your hands that’ll relax you without taxing a single part of your brain.  Let’s not kid ourselves: this isn’t great lit, but it’s not intended to be either, in the same ways that romantic comedies are not referred to as ‘films.’  This doesn’t lesson their value, however, it just means you need to judge the book by what it is trying to do, in the same way that Ebert judges a movie only compared to itself.

Born in Ice is the second book in a trilogy, of which Nora Roberts writes many, and which are usually some of her better books.  It’s set in Ireland in a bed and breakfast, which is part of the reason I like this series.

A few things you should take note of if you decide to write a romance:

– Make sure all of your characters have more than enough money so that they can travel and work at will.

– Each character should have a resounding, unresolved tragedy or broken heart.  Double points if you get both in.

– Exotic locations are required.

– Cool careers are also required.  Only go for the cops or doctors if you absolutely have to.  Artists are golden.

– Sex scenes should not occur before page 150, approximately.

– If possible, please have characters meet, dislike each other, then need each other, then have sex, and then have barriers to falling in love- namely fear- and then wrap up tidily.

– Trilogies are good because they lead to more money- and then characters from book one can be married in book two, etc.

Still, there’s always one you prefer out of a trilogy, and this is that one for me.


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February 16, 2009 at 6:19 am

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