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Turns out I have a lot of links about reading starred on my Google Reader, so I’m link-loving them here:

Five Best Pregnancy & Baby Books Actually Read by a Mother (in hopes that Sonika and I will need these sooner rather than later, though I’m sure we’ll both keep a record of reading everything under the sun about babiez.)

Vintage Kids’ Books My Kid Loves is letting readers submit books (This blog is where I hear about awesome kids’ books, which I have rediscovered my love for.)

Dooce reps The Daily Coyote book (This is fitting given that it was Dooce‘s link that really got The Daily Coyote blog going- I got this book for Christmas and was totally captivated by it; I also love both of these blogs.)

New York Times article on the books Barack Obama read

2008 National Book Critics Circle Award Finalists are named (The Millions is a new addition to my reader, and I’m really liking their book news.)

America’s oldest library is struggling (Someday I’ll be able to write checks to every organization in trouble that strikes a chord with me.  The rest can just struggle on without my money.)

John Updike died

Black Swan’s author has rules for living (My brother just read this book and reviewed it on his blog; I don’t know if I’ll make it through the book, but I really liked the rules.)

Neil Gaiman won the Newberry Award (via my brother-in-law who reviews books for a living!)


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