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danteclub11 So, K’s review of this put it on the top of my “Oooh, I’m gonna read this at work!” list. Now, normally books that I read at work are… well, pulp. I have to be able to read them with a lot of distraction (read: Elmo) and I have to be able to put them down mid-sentence and pick it up again later.

This book is too smart for that. Mind you, I managed, but for a rather short book, I didn’t get too far. I read the better portion of it while I was up here in Vermont for the weekend. The amount that I actually read at work on Tuesday & Wednesday was negligible considering I was reading for at least two hours per day.

This does, ultimately, speak well for the book. It’s very intelligent, very well researched, extremely well put together.

Since K already wrote a good review of it, I’m just going to comment on one of my little reading quirks and how it related to my experience of this book. I like to “cast” books in my head. That is, when a character is introduced, I think of who might play him/her in a movie and end up reading the book with a full cast of actors. It’s a fun little game.

Strangely enough, the character in this book who ended up being the culprit was originally cast in my head as Jon Krasinski. Yeah, that didn’t work. He had to be re-cast towards the end, and I went with Jude Law, who I find to be more believable as e-vil.


Written by Sonja

January 25, 2009 at 4:16 pm

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