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Advice Wanted

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Dear Readers,

I have come to my first Gouda Buddha conundrum.  I am more than 100 pages into Atonement by one Ian McEwan (note that this book is just over 300 pages), and hating it.  I hated Ian McEwan the first time I read him, as his writing leaves me cold.  While it’s technically sound, and I should in theory like it based on other authors I like and my appreciation for the Booker Prize, he is so detached from his stories that I find it impossible to care about his characters.  Rather, I am just annoyed by them.  So do I finish the book just so be certain I don’t like him?  Interestingly, my main motivation for reading the book was to watch the movie, and now my main motivation for finishing the book is to write it up in this blog and thoroughly kick it to the curb.  Of course, right now that post looks something like:

Dear Ian McEwan,

We get it.  You are subtle.  Please stop now.



Input appreciated.  Please discuss.


Written by questionsandanchors

January 10, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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5 Responses

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  1. I think it’s a waste of time to finish a book that you’re not enjoying. There are many better books out there and you only have a limited time to read them! I say only finish it if you feel that you have to for the blog. Otherwise, find something you’ll have fun reading.


    January 11, 2009 at 12:27 am

  2. Pffft, put it down. You can always write about how Ian McEwan sucks so hard you couldn’t even *finish* it. No one says you have to get to the *end* to write scathing blog posts.


    January 11, 2009 at 3:04 am

  3. I should add that as soon as I put I was “hating it” on GoodReads, someone immediately commented, “How? It is so searing.” After wanting to puke for all the pretension, I consulted this: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6867.Atonement_A_Novel, and realized that at least I’m not alone and only about half the people like it, and many people struggle with at least the first third.


    January 11, 2009 at 5:14 am

  4. Really not worth finishing. There are so many goddamn books out there it’s insane to keep reading one you don’t like if you’re not required to for some reason. Toss it and find something you do like.


    January 11, 2009 at 6:54 pm

  5. “SEARING?” That’s not an adjective that would ever make me finish a book. I’d be worried about burning my foot like Michael Scott in the Office with the George Foreman Grill.

    (Between this comment and my books so far, you are definitely the brains of the operation. I feel like Pinky.)


    January 11, 2009 at 8:08 pm

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