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Somehow, serendipitously, I stumbled upon Goodreads. Yeah, way to “stumble” on a website that’s popular with millions of people, self, but I kinda live in a cave sometimes.

I’d had a LibraryThing account, but felt like it was kind of lacking in functionality. Goodreads on the other hand, is awesome. I don’t know quite how to describe its awesomeness and why it’s so far superior to LibraryThing – perhaps it’s just because I find the interface to be more aesthetically pleasing – but it is.

So, I created an account and have already surpassed my allowed friend requests. Ha. I also have added more than a hundred books, which is far from an exhaustive list of the books that I own, let alone the ones that I’ve read. I’ve seen some libraries that include kid and young-adult lit, but I think that if I start adding every book I’ve ever read ever that I’ll spend so long updating Goodreads that I’ll never read another book, let alone eat and drink and poop and all of that other necessary stuff.

[P.S.: K  has an account, too. In case, y’know, her books are more interesting than mine. Because she likes feelings.]


Written by Sonja

January 9, 2009 at 6:22 pm

Posted in The World At Large

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